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Bridge Estates Road Trip USA 2015 Part 5

Posted by admin on November 24, 2015
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15 & 16. Cont…, Tusyan/Grand Canyon South Rim, Arizona

We left Tusyan the following morning hoping the weather would be fine enough to get some pics of the Canyon but to no avail. The weather was not letting up so a mad dash from the car park to the Canyon edge was all we could manage. (Shame)

17. Lake Havasu & London Bridge, Arizona

A quick lunch at Lake Havasu.
Lake Havasu is a large reservoir behind Parker Dam on the Colorado River, on the border between California and Arizona and is home to the London Bridge.
In 1962, the London Bridge (131-years-old at the time) was discovered to be sinking into the Thames, unable to handle 21st century traffic demands. By 1971, it was reborn in a new planned community of 8,000 people … in Arizona.

Robert McCulloch, founder of the Lake Havasu City, won the old bridge with a $2,460,000 bid at the City of London’s auction in 1968. McCulloch then spent another $7 million to have it moved to the community he established in 1964.

18 & 19. Joshua Tree National Park/Palm Springs

Miles and miles of open road and you hit roadworks in the middle of the desert!
We waited 20 minutes for the traffic at the other end of this particular roadworks to pass comprising of just 2 vehicles. Bizarre to say the least 🙂
Our journey took us past The Joshua Tree National Park which we drove through on our way to the Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs for an overnight stay.
Joshua Tree has some strange looking landscape that’s reminiscent of ‘Bedrock’ from The Flintstones. Bigger than we expected the drive through takes a couple of hours from the north to the south entrance.

Palm Springs is such a chilled, laid back place and like an oasis in the desert. Plenty of courses for the avid golfer, no wonder Bob Hope lived here.
With plenty of boutique shops and good food restaurants it’s a perfect place to take in for a couple of days relaxation.
I’d recommend staying at the Hard Rock Hotel. It’s very informal with excellent facilities and the rock memorabilia is amazing to see.

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